A  Conscious Physical Practice 

An investigative space encouraging vernacular exploration, structural form/vocabulary, and personal somatic practices, Contemporary Funk/Repertory, promotes artistic freedom while challenging the bodies understanding of self-trust, and its aptitude to let go. Designed for technically advanced movers, the fast pace class flows quickly through meditative floor work, tectonic shifting of one’s body surfaces, gestural practice/understanding, center work, complex across the floor patterns, and finally into detailed repertory based phrase work that demands both mental and physical professionalism. The class focuses on three major technical concepts- the ability to quickly yet athletically shift one’s weight in unique unconventional ways, the capacity to use vibration as an impetus to articulate one’s body through the space, and to train the mind to find fluidity to effortlessly switch between one’s mental space and physical space. Somatically influenced heavily by vogueing, popping, and social dances of today, contemporary funk fully explores the body as a vessel and its relation to space, mental awareness, music, and risk-taking. 


Post-Contemporary Movement Practice (PCMP)

A Meta-Physical Practice  

Revisiting and questioning self (first) in relation to the outer, artists are challenged to move, think, and drop into familiar yet unfamiliar modes of being. Blackness, whiteness, queerness, gender roles, access, space, duration, and other are explored in the attempt to veer beyond Contemporary.  

Subconscious Creation; Conjuring Self as a source of Dance Making. 

A  Personal Spiritual Practice

Using memory, destroying layers/walls, and decolonizing systems of choreography, the company and Johnnie Cruise Mercer guide practices of making related to self and ancestry. Who are you, and how do you make work from ideas of self, and history of self? How do you make work quoting and sourcing outer/inner? What is the composition of inside out? 

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