(Current Video Series) 

From the perspective of creative director/visual designer Torian Ugworji, tRpnyc dedicates a year to mapping out the immediate contemporary through the release of TheDocuSeries. Launching from artistic director Johnnie Cruise Mercer's emotional and sensoral memories, the video series shifts perspectives throughout the year documenting and connecting individuals to the past, to home, and to reflection in order to reach understanding. How do we connect? How does thought, location, and experiences tie into the greater network of who we are as a collective? What are the invisible ties that create conflict, and connection? Follow Torian as he creates an episodic take on reality through a media web of conversations, opinions, happenings, and moments in 2018.

TheDocuSeries is one part of a four year process toward's the creation of the two part epic-work "and to the decades of hell."- a generational biography retracing and documenting the years 2000-2020 in order to question contemporary towards post-contemporary inquiries.