project: Pillow Talk

Past Project: 2014-2015

Race is acknowledged. As Johnnie Cruise Mercer/TheREDprojectNYC enter into the realm of racial conflict and identity. A series of works that tackle racial difference, conversation, and conflict in response to current day political tensions- the company engages/embraces practices of violence, anger, angst, and pain in order to find balance and a space for healing, release, acceptance, and resolve. 


[of color] 


[of color] is a part of a continuous investigation/collaboration with multiple black millennial artists exploring America’s relation to color and its connection to self-identification. Pulling from the constant presence of dual existence within America, the work explores the idea of twoness within the “colored” community and its relation to generational depletion of personal culture. Pushing the limits on what should be said aloud as a black artist, [of color]unapologetically speaks on racial unacceptance, systematic oppression, and what it feels like to realize you are young, trapped, and colored in America. 

Choreographed by Johnnie Cruise Mercer

Sound Design/Composition: Justin Johnson 

Original Lighting Design: Daniel Barbee 

Premiered November 2015 as a part of Center for Performance Research's Fall Movement 2015. 

This work was created while in residence at Chez Bushwick Inc. 


Pillow Talk: A Conversation Between Lovers


Pillow Talk: A Conversation Between Lovers. is a contemporary investigation exploring America’s inconsistent dialogue between the Africanist aesthetic and its Eurocentric counterpart. Comparing America’s racial tension to a pillow talk, the work ties the sensation of frustration to intimacy, relating current social issues to the love/hate relationship of two energies that are deemed inseparable.

Choreographed/Sound Design/Projection Design by Johnnie Cruise Mercer

Lighting Design by Micheal Jarett

Set Design by Mark Kollman

Premiered May 2015 as a part of the 2015 Richmond Dance Festival at Dogtown Dance Theater.