Rep Projects/Works 


Calamity (an excerpt from Experience:Sanctuary!) -2017-

Loss of innocence, the moment of waking up within our true dark reality. Calamity!, a section from the evening length work Sanctuary, dives into the psychological  imaginative mind of child as it copes with multiple truths and struggles to regain purity.  A world is created, the surreal blends into actuality; the images, horrors and truths of contemporary society become the inspiration for the creation of a work on destruction and the impetus to question progression, possibility, hope, and fate.

Choreographed by Johnnie Cruise Mercer 

This work premiered at the Jamaica Performing Arts Learning Center as a part of the Making Moves Festival 2016 



perspicacity. -2016-

"perspicacity: keenness of mental perception and understanding; discernment; penetration." 

Choreographed by Johnnie Cruise Mercer

This work was commissioned at the University Texas at Austin's Department of Theater and Dance. 

Premiered March 2016 as a part of Bodies and Soul at University Texas at Austin



black(adj.) -2015-

 black (adj.) is an excerpted duet from the work, Pillow Talk: A Conversation Between Lovers. choreographed by Johnnie 'Cruise' Mercer.  Pulling from the constant presence of dual existence within America, the work follows the young black voice as it attempts to speak  and then confront whiteness. The concept of twoness and its relation to generational depletion of personal culture is thoroughly explored physically and emotionally, providing a glimpse into the schizophrenic state of questioning one’s self and where one belongs.

Choreographed by Johnnie Cruise Mercer

This work premiered at the MalayaWorks' Spoken Movement 2015 at Dogtown Dance Theater. 


The Disappearing Act. -2014- 

A work that exposes the choreographer’s innermost subconscious, The Disappearing Act., creates a quick glimpse into Johnnie Cruise Mercer’s private space as he personally tackles the fear of being alone, and losing those dear to him. Jumping emotionally between grief and anxiety, while working towards the sensation of satisfaction, the piece embodies the rapid change in an imbalanced human psyche. The audience is guided into the deep corners of the human mind as the he debates with death, and pleads to an invisible force to regain stability.

Choreographed by Johnnie Cruise Mercer
Lighting Design: Michael Jarett

Premiered as a part of Richmond Dance Festival 2013 at Dogtown Dance Theatre.