project: Sanctuary! 

Past Project : 2015-2017

Culminating from two years of exploration, Johnnie Cruise Mercer/TheREDprojectNYC dives into processes dealing with heaven, hell, sin, right, wrong, and visual stimuli/expectation. A highly collaborative practice, the artists of tRpnyc engage the subconscious in order to understand personal aesthetic, collide with outer stereotypes, and violently   challenge the stage and its use as a space of spectator-ship. 


hell is my sanctuary


An accumulation of many questions dealing with self, perspective, and the external forces at play. Can we find an escape away from the evils of society? How do we continue to produce idealism in a constant state of reality? Does euphoria actually exist, or is it an imaginary figment created to ignore truths? Where are we safe? Where can we go to truly let go? Do you find truth in darkness or light?

Directed by Johnnie Cruise Mercer

Sound Design/Composition by Justin Johnson

This work was created while in residence at Chez Bushwick Inc. and also made possibly by gracious donations from individuals of the JUMP-START tRpNYC Campaign.

Premiered April 2016 at Center For Performance Research as a part of Chez Bushwick's 2Night Show




Choreographically and conceptually directed by Johnnie Cruise Mercer, Experience:Sanctuary! is a dance theater production that follows the creation (destruction) of a surrealistic (realistic) world with the purpose of micro-observing and testing the colonized mind of the adult human. The stage is destroyed, and a temple is built as the past, the human body/mind, innocence, memory, and self is mentioned, acknowledged, ignored, and then meditated upon. An experiment on instinct, and its relation to both inevitability and change, we (the audience, the artists, and the space) are emotionally dropped into moments of soliloquy, of dialogue, of deep subconscious whispers, of silent troubles, of accustomed sounds, of known events, of unforgettable sights, of stunning visual projections (designed by Visual Designer Torian Ugworji), of breath, of hope, and of what seems to be a familiar yet indefinite end (beginning).

Directed by Johnnie Cruise Mercer

Projection/Visual Design by Torian Ugworji 

Sound Design/Composition by Justin Johnson 

This work was made with support while in residence at the 92Y Harkness Dance Center as 2016-2017 AIR. This work was also made while in residence/with support from Denmark Arts Center, NYU Tisch Summer Residency 2017, DanceNOW Silo Farms, and from the generous donations of tRpNYC's Hatchfund 2018 Campaign. 

Premiered June 2017 in self produced concert at Center for Performance Research